Category: blog - 2013.08.17

Hey – In Progress

“Roof lines and building shapes”
This house stands right in between two town zoning area, i.e. high-rise new development area to the south and low-rise traditional housing area in the north and east. Here, the volume and proportion of the building are designed to have two different aspects and looking, reflecting each characteristics of the housing areas.

The south facade has a rigid and rational proportion to match the context of new development. This large facade also acts as a protection of the living spaces from the noise of the busy road as well as strong heat of the sunshine.
On the other hand, east and north facade represents more intimate and human scale character of the building. Roof lines and the facade starts to fold itself and the volume becomes segmented.

Because the building site is open to the street on three corners, the orientation and the volume of the building was carefully designed to match the context of the city fabric to which each facade belongs.