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Route de Meyrin – CERN Campus Masterplan


Route de Meyrin, Meyrin, Switzerland

Year: 2012
Area: 35,000 m2

This project is selected as one of the final proposal of international competition hosted by CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) research centre in Switzerland. Due to the needs of the expansion of research facilities, the competition was held to provide a masterplan to accomodate new buildings and a public space.
The design we proposed is to connect the experience of crossing the campus with the grand scale and geographical landscape of the site. Opening the heart of the site to the public and nature, this new campus will create the destination for the visitors and researchers from all over the world. Along the main route, new linear structure guide the views of the visitors to the horizon. It is made of local timber structure and creates various degrees of porosity to accommodate variety of activities across the site.

This project is done in collaboration with Sack + Reicher architects and Jason Bruges studio (Lighting)

Route de Meyrin, メイラン, スイス

制作年: 2012
面積: 35,000 m2


このプロジェクトはSack + Reicher architects と Jason Bruges studio (照明)との共同で行われた。